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On Thursday, November 25, there will be another Northern Lights Parade! Hooray!

That evening the streets of 2060 will be filled with music, dance, theater and visual arts with the theme 'Mother'.

Neighbors walk, surrounded by artistic interventions, all cozy and together on their way to a great neighborhood party.

Come and make your own lantern on 20/11 at the Archipel site, in the SpaRadijs at the BabelBühne.

Everyone (yes, really everyone) is welcome from 12:30-15:00 to come and make lanterns. We will provide you with nice hot soup and a cosy crafting atmosphere, the only thing you need to bring is your smile and an autumn leaf.

Find us through the entrance at Lange Lobroekstraat (at the intersection with Korte Slachterijstraat).

>> The Parade itself leaves Archipel on 25/11 at 18:30 and reaches the neighborhood party on the AP Campus Noorderplaats after about 90 minutes.

Participation is free and without reservation.

More info can be found here


In collaboration with AP Hogeschool and with the support of District of Antwerp.


An intimate festivalvenue in the summer, but in the fall, winter and spring a place where you can camp with your RV. All you need and more is available at the campsite: A shower- and toiletunit, a wood stove in the cozy glass house and a pizza clay oven that you may use. There is also a sauna in the 'Verwenmachine' , which you can optionally reserve. Electricity, mood lighting, sun chairs and a fire bowl available to use. Do you have a campervan, do you want to explore Antwerp, stay at a quiet, but rough, quirky, artistic environment near the city centre? Then you're at the right place!

More info and reservations via Campspace

From April 26 to May 9, you will discover artists and their studios on the site of 'Atelier in Beeld'. In the week of April 26, De Madammen (Radio 2) will  visit various studios.

Davey WAXX Verhaeghe speaks about Atelier Archipel.


Some of our artists were inspired by the raw environment of the Archipelsite and put together a group exhibition. Their works will be like a chain of islands to explore the site's decrepit architecture and will weave a whimsical story through the past, present and future of this place. They accentuate the emptiness of the set-aside land, the colorful verges, the concrete halls and the abandoned refrigerators with meat hooks. The environment inspires the artist, and in turn the works strengthen the environment. Let yourself be led from island to island in this great sea of lost history.


An exhibition space on wheels. Its habitat is in public, moving between places, presenting art interventions. A deconstructed car trailer, an independent art space, a mobile showcase for contemporary art.
At each stay, it reinvents itself by the interactions with the environment in which it is placed. The presented projects enter an exchange with the outside world, changing their surroundings and letting their surroundings define the work.

Concept: Rafaela Figurski Vieira, Tim Rosenbaum and Paul Müller, students of the In Situ and Sculpture department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and guest residents @ Archipel.

In coproduction with Archipel arts workspace and Rooftoptiger.


In the month of March different organisations will collaborate in making a huge piece on the outer walls of Archipel, thus illustrating the power of diversity, interaction en connection.

CALLIGRAFFITI = calligraphy & graffiti, true symbols of East and West, representing the melting pot the City of Antwerp is.

A coproduction with Archipel arts workspace, Rooftoptiger, Fameus, Sint Lucas Antwerpen, VOEM and DemaOne.


While on our outside wall east and west meet in the Calligraffiti project, a real intercultural experience is being worked on inside the Vleeshaak. In which you can enjoy a meal and experience culture, safely from your own bubble. 

During their project week, students will explore how they can strengthen and deepen connection and interaction during the DRIFTAR by creating objects, packaging and graphic interventions. They will then present their prototypes for the DRIFTAR-box to a heterogeneous mix of local residents, professional and amateur artists, volunteers from Veggie=Halal and other students. Co-creation with others in the city of Antwerp and encounters, exchange and dialogue are the central idea for a week, and form their inspiration. If everything goes well and taking Corona in consideration, this box will be physically available from mid-April.

A coproduction with Archipel-kunstenwerkplek, Rooftoptiger, Sint Lucas Antwerpen, Open Design Course, VOEM, 

Veggie=Halal, Fameus and Elegast buurtwerking.

(c) Siege Dehing

Musician Ellen Schoenarts asked Bram Rombouts and Martijn Megens to create Turning House for her newest music video  'Ik ben je gaan haten'.  Within this construction one can defy gravity ...

Check it out in  here!



25.11   -> 18h30 - 20 h

A magical parade with light artworks. Destination: a neighbourhoodparty at AP Hogeschool.

-> Start @ Lange Lobroekstraat 120  2060 Antwerpen.

>>  info:


October till March

Wanna go camping at the edge of the city in our beautiful urban jungle, but still with all the comfort you need?

 -> Lange Lobroekstraat 120  2060 Antwerpen.

More info and reservations via Campspace

01.10   -> 19 h

Let's have a party to celebrate the end of summer! Live music and dance acts, DJs, a karaoke booth, cocktailbar and much more.  
-> Lange Lobroekstraat 120  2060 Antwerpen.

>>  info: