Atelier Recup is a multi-disciplinary, cross-pollinating collective of artists Christophe Lemmens and urbanist/landscape-architect Ruud Mesdag who builds installations in public spaces. Think of: curious furniture, visual work and spacious design. Atelier Recup has a enormous passion for social-artistic projects. Participate, create and arouse the energy of people are central to their work. 

+32 494196058 (Christophe Lemmens)    +32 489157933 (Ruud Mesdag)      e-mail:


Alec De Bruyn (Antwerp) is a musician, composer and sound engineer. He likes to combine his different fields of interest in various projects: as a musician and performer in bands, as a composer in theatre and as sound engineer in film and audiovisual projects. And most of the time all of these projects overlap. 

With Undskyld he released many albums, in 2020 he made his first production with Young Brides and  at the moment he reproduces the first tracks of The Payola Kid, a new project.  He often works together with theatre companies such as Zonzo Compagnie, ROESTgroep, kunstZ and Rataplan, and also together with film makers Adams Mensah, Tom Viaene and Mario Leko.


I like Cubism, Gutai and New York art from the 50's and 60's.

+44 7514191085      e-mail:       FB: adamhartnell


Bram Rombouts is a visual artist. He makes kinetic machinery, installations, scenography and objects.



You could describe me as a photographer, woodworker, visual artist, 3D modeler, designer and encyclopedia of useless facts. Interested in life in general and in avoiding drama.

e-mail:      FB: cgabriels


Frieda collects the artistic work of Eva Binon, Nikè Moens, Jan Palinckx and Patrick Vervueren. All of them make their work from a different background and vision on his/her artistic parcours in the structure of a non-profit organisation. The goal of this organisation is to productionally, technically and artistically support each other. Although they follow each other’s paths and inspire each other, participate and intervene, every project starts with the individual. This results in a various range of artistic work that is not characterized by its substantial or formalistic coherence: evening or family plays, performances, visual arts, location-projects, object-theater… 

e-mail:      insta: fr.ieda


Carl Cappelle welds with different languages, music and sometimes with a stick.

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A daydreamer, designer, painter, always interplaying to give things a different place in life. 

After an anxious period with a lot of blind spots, full of hidden emotions that were rediscovered through the expression of emotions and the acceptance of his new identity that has always been there, I created a conceptual abstract world, framed with little philosophy but a lot of passion for spray-paint. 

e-mail:      insta: daveywaxxverhaeghe


Fleur Roggeman has a master degree in sculpture and art installations, and a big interest in scenography. She combines these worlds in her abstract installations. Using interactive lights, responding on sound and movement, she tries to integrate the presence of spectators. By doing this, she provokes real experiences.

e-mail:     insta: fleurroggeman


Goe Bezig is a platform for anyone who is creative or musically "busy". With the aim of helping artists to develop their talents. This by organizing exhibitions or stage moments during socio-cultural and artistic events.

insta: goebezig_creative_platform      FB: goebezigcreatief    



Non-profit aroud the truck, with a stage,  a cinema, an unfoldable world to create magic. (under construction)


A multi-disciplinary, intercultural & international laboratory of wondering pondering worlds, 

trough scenography - cinematography - fotography - poetry - light sculpturist & player - truckdriver - community art - graphics ...

To blossom & breed the alchemist & altruist in each one of us. (under construction)

+32 477650192     e-mail:      FB: Veaux De Camion

Initially following a career choice in production ceramics and gaining an in depth knowledge of processes, it was in 2003 that Lethbridge was lured to study glass. This was to be a life changing moment as this new medium soon become his material of choice. Enthralled by the transparency and liquid nature of molten glass, repetitive throwing made way for a more experimental making process. In 2005, Lethbridge applied to the Royal College of Art where he then developed his range of glass skills as well as greatly increasing his body of work, both aiding his confidence and belief in his chosen practice.

Since graduating, Lethbridge has developed a reputation for his unique artworks, creating one-off sculptural and lighting pieces. With an inventive approach to glass making, Lethbridge’s pieces are instantly recognisable and highly desired. His glass pieces often incorporate a multitude of glass thorns, shards and tendrils. The act of repetitious making has stayed a constant for Lethbridge but now with entirely different end results.

Insta: jpcl79      FB: James Lethbridge Glass

Vessel Gallery for Current works:



kunstZ is an artistic hub where young people of diverse origins, newcomers and refugees find a stage. Together with them, kunstZ searches for other contents, stories and forms that reflect today's urban society. For kunstZ, the variety of stories and performers are a drive for the renewal and broadening of the performing arts. Our goal is to spot and develop talent trough our part-time theatre education and the support of new creators.

e-mail:      insta: kunstz      FB: kunstZ


SemiSalty is an artist collective that makes mixed media. Recycled objects are the base of every artwork they make. They make a range of various art including masks, set-designs, videography, photography and audio. The world they work in variates from dark tribal science-fiction, street art and horror. And everything in between.
Spaces are obscured and filled with dark sounds. Words are not adequate to frame the spectrum of it’s artists, you can only experience it. 

Insta: semisalty

Adel Setta: e-mail:      Insta: mellunman

Redouan:  e-mail:      insta: julius_rox_beats

Rex: e-mail:      insta: daverextee

Younes: e-mail:
Dimi: e-mail:       insta: mkliniki



Iron works Iron stands for working with metal in all kinds of ways, if its casting, connecting or shaping, you name it. With a passion for experimenting and trying to make a idea reality. Parallel to the material side of the name, is the mentality of the saying ´As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another´. So if you have a idea about a shape or product made of metal, or you want to try working metal, just hop in. Everybody can learn from everyone.

Godspeed, Maarten


Martijn Megens is a set designer/artist. Most of the time you can find him back in collectives like Archipel, Aspire, Studio ADD and Captain Boomer Collective.
This places helped him get experience in music, theater and artistic constructions on location. For one year he worked as technical chief at ‘Zomer van Antwerpen’. Since 2017 he mostly works for Aspire. 



ooooo is a transuniversal constellation that initiates, mediates , facilitates, curates and appropriates social (digital) environments, projects, workshops, programs, ... Their praxis questions digital power structures and the stake of identity and gender politics in the decolonization of our technologies. ooooo confronts the 'self & other' with the commons, co-authorship and the redistribution into the public domain. 



Lamine Diouf (°1979 Dakar, Senegal) lives and works in Antwerp. Lamine started his artistic education at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts in Dakar and played the violin for several years in L’Orchestre Symphonique Mélodie Divine. After moving to Europe he concentrated more on performing art, poetry and took his first steps in the art of textile weaving. The interaction of these various disciplines allows him to tell a story about his origin, about his past and present life like a mediator between different cultures and traditions and support mutual understanding.

insta: la_mine_d


In his work, Paul Hendrikse explores the interfaces between history, biography and fiction. He creates contexts or situations in which ephemeral elements such as impressions, absences, movements, gestures and mimetic memories are brought to the fore. His working materials often consist of autobiographies of people that are well known, or at least well known in a specific context. 



Rex is an artist who is fascinated by the dark spectrum of the world. His work consists of everything from paintings, sculptures, masks and sets. Many of his influences can be found in the occult world of alchemy, seals and symbols. This in combination with the anatomy of man and animal, and the dissolution of living beings are found in his art. It is difficult to name the artist in its context because the foundation of his work offers an extensive spectrum in the artist's head. The work Rex creates is alive and from the first moment you come into contact with it this is visible.

+32 484902821      e-mail:     insta: daverextee


Rooftoptiger artist collectif creates participatory and performative installations in public space.

The installations are site specific creations and by intervening in a context they try to seduce people to undertake actions as the playful and critical designer of their own neighbourhood.

The installations are built from recycled and local materials found nearby the temporary occupied workspaces.

The crew of Rooftoptiger is a constant changing group of artists, performers, poets, thinkers and skilled craftsmen. 

They are nationally and internationally known for their artistic practices. They are the initiators of Archipel.

e-mail:      insta: rooftoptiger


As a Visual artist I focus on pseudo experience in my work.

Pseudo means as much as "appearance". I try to question our way of experiencing things through various actions and interventions. This results in specific actions such as, for example, placing signs with the inscription 'fotomoment' at various locations to expose the conditioned actions of people and their camera. In other work (Album Amicorum) I take pictures with as many artists as possible. This to question the value associated with the image as well as my own status as an artist. Personally, I attach great importance to spontaneous experience and I believe that it is a daily challenge for all of us not to capture or prove every experience we have.



With my passion for photography, I try to capture the beauty of connection. 

With the art project ‘Tower of babel’ and by working with Rooftoptiger, I feel included in a colourful and warm family. The symbiosis of the artistic and the social give me a sense of ‘home’. This open atmosphere and the expression of freedom are also to be found within the Archipel atelier.

e Amo 

Love, Siege


Tim Vanhentenryk (°1979): freelance, stage-builder and welder. Compulsive builder and handyman.

+32 495743255      e-mail:


Tulpa strives for other worldly experiences in various expressions of art. We love to transform, connect and collaborate. A thin line between art direction, light design, installations, deco, ... is what brings us together.

insta: tulpa.collective      FB: tulpacollect